These lightsticks are all the same from those found in Korea.
Some of them are official as most Korean fans use them in their concert in Korea :)
Any enquiries on whether the lightsticks of your favourite idol group here is official? 
Email us at kcollections@yahoo.com

Version A: Material - Plastic
                  Dimensions - 7.5x21.5
Price: RM22 (postage fee not included)

Version B: Material - Plastic
                Dimensions - 25.5x2
Price: RM15 (postage fee not included)

2AM - Version A
Code : LS001


2AM - Version B
Code : LS002


2PM - Version A
Code : LS003


2PM - Version B
Code : LS004


BEAST - Version A
Code : LS005


BEAST - Version B
Code : LS006

BIG BANG - Version A
Code : LS007

BIG BANG - Version B
Code : LS008

CNBLUE - Version A
Code : LS009

CNBLUE - Version B
Code : LS010


Code : LS011


Code : LS012


Code : LS013


Code : LS014


Code : LS015


Code : LS016

 Code : LS017


Code : LS018